Greetings from Hexart.In,

You are cordially invited to Hexathon 2021, our mid-year event along with new cohort induction and ideation program at the Hexart AI Community Center.

Event Schedule: 3rd Dec, 2021 from 10:30am to 12:30pm

Event Agenda
– Keynote Session from Hexagon
– Keynote Session from Nasscom Foundation
– Guest Speaker Sessions
– Progress Update by Li2
– Student Presentations
– Mentor Presentations
– Live Demo by student at Hexart AI Center
– Future Roadmap and Closing Note

– Certifications for all Participants

Please use the Join Session Button below to join our session at 10:30am on 3rd Dec, 2021
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Hexart.In AI Community Center

Pillar Number 45, 3rd floor,
12-2-752/B&C, Rashid plaza,
Rethibowli, Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad,
Telangana 500 028

Phone:  +91 62007 39058


Workshop Videos

Workshop on Machine Learning

Learn about the basics of Machine Learning in this workshop.

Workshop on Supervised Learning

Learn about supervised learning algorithms and how they can be implemented in python in this workshop.

Workshop on Python Programming – 1

Learn about basic python syntax and structure in this workshop.

Workshop on Python Programming – 2

Learn about lists, sets dictionaries and tuples in this workshop.

Webinar on Artificial Intelligence

Learn about the basics of Artificial Intelligence and its capabilities in this webinar.

Webinar on Machine Learning

Take a deeper look into Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in this webinar. This webinar also includes a coding part, which you should follow along to understand the technology better.

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