For Mentors

To make things interesting, for mentors, we are happy to:


1) Provide everything you need to conduct your research, including infrastructure, mentorship, guidance. We have industry experts who will guide you through your problem.


2) Provide assistance from our partner companies to see your idea from conception to completion.


We look for the following qualities in our mentors:

» Expert level knowledge of at least one of the following aspect of the proposed field:

     ○ Technical Knowledge
     ○ Domain Knowledge
     ○ On Ground Expertise

» Curiosity to explore new areas of technology and a problem solving nature.

» Passion for teaching and sharing knowledge with others.

» Ability to break down complex problems into a set of simple tasks.

» Ability to lead a team to explore new areas of technology in search of a solution.


For mentors, we believe that the best way to learn a subject is by teaching it. And if you can teach a human brain, you can definitely teach an artificial one. Teaching Artificial Intelligence can be tricky, and HRCP provides the following in this regard:

〉 Access to a world class research facility in Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad.
〉 Standardized online teaching and lecture delivery structure.
〉 Teaching a subject via a real world problem.
〉 Learning by teaching approach.
〉 Workshops on Machine Learning.

We start with an orientation session of one week in which we expect you to attend our workshops. And from next week, we expect you to conduct your own workshops with your team. We will be supporting you in every way possible, so you have nothing to worry about.

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