For Students

For students who want to be a part of this journey, we will provide:

● A chance to work on a real world problem.

● Assistance in publishing your work in major scientific journals.

● Certificate of Participation and a Letter of Appreciation.

● Internship Opportunities from Partnership Companies.


We look for the following qualities in our students:
» Good understanding of computer science fundamentals:

     ○ Coding (In any one of C/C++/Java/C#/Python)

     ○ Data Structures ( If you can picture a graph, you are good to go)

     ○ Memory Allocation ( If you can index a C array using a pointer, you are good to go)

» Ability to learn by yourself.
» Courage to ask for help when you need it.
» Curiosity to explore new areas of technology and a problem solving nature, paired with the energy to see it through.
» Team Player.
» Willingness to work extra hours after college work.


For students, we believe that learning by doing is far more efficient than first learn and then do approach. So we put you straight in a group working on a problem. You know something, you do it. You don’t know something, either ask us or learn by yourself, and then do it. We provide the following to assist you in your endeavor:

→ Access to a world class research facility in Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad.

→ Open access to all mentors and industry experts involved in our program.

→ Workshop on demand facility.

→ Supervised work on cutting edge technologies.

After your orientation session, you will be drafted in a team which is working on something cool. We will explain everything, one-on-one if we have to, but we will make sure that you get it. After that, pick a problem and solve it. Each area of interest that we have has hundreds of them.

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