Registration for Cohort Application

Cohort Application


    Step 1: Completion of Online courses

    - Complete the online courses on https://hexart.in/all-courses/

    - Enter the unique number that appears on the certificate that you get on completion of each course.

    [md-text label="Course 1: Foundations"]


    [md-text label="Course 2: Logic Building and Programming in Python "]


    [md-text label="Course 3: Introduction to Machine Learning "]


    [md-text label="Course 4: Applications of Machine Learning and AI "]


    [md-text label="Course 5: Advanced Machine Learning "]


    [md-text label="Course 6: Advanced Deep Learning "]


    [md-text label="Course 7: AI and Robotics"]


    [multistep multistep-877 "https://hexart.in/cohort-application-step-3/"]




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