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Student Projects: VNRVJIET

Automated Data Extractor | Team Avengers

Team Name: Avengers

Team Members: Upender Kaveti, Katta Vishnu Teja, Deepak Varma, Geethanjali.Polisetty, MD Abdul Rab

Batch and Year: 2018-2022 Batch and 3rd year

College Name: VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering &Technology

Project Description: We have developed an automated search engine which extracts the data from e-commerce websites we first extracted the product links through a link extractor module. 

 We then built a crawler to collect specifications, reviews, images, Product description of every product from the respective modules. Putting all together we then built a Crawler Manager which takes product category as user input and this input is passed to the link extractor which simultaneously passes the links returned from link extractor module to the crawler module to collect the data of the products. Finally data is collected in the dictionary format and stored into a json file.

Tuberculosis Detection | Team Brawls

Team Name: Team Brawls

Team Members: B Varun kumar, A.Sai Praneeth, K.Jitendranadh, Ch.Soumya, K.Harshitha

Batch and Year: 3rd Year, 2022 Batch.


Project Description:
The problem statement is about Tuberculosis Disease Identification. It uses the x- ray image dataset.

It can be achieved through many different techniques. We are using the Deep Learning technique to identify whether a person is suffering with TB or not. Solution for this problem is very much important because it is the kind of disease which requires early attention or else it might show long- term effects and even the victim’s lives might also be in danger.We completed it in a time span of 3 weeks.

Optical Character Recognition | Team Charmers

Team Name: Charmers

Team Members: Adepu Uday sai, D. Darshana, Goutham Kancherla, Yesu Nirmala Lekha Chittajallu, Thriveni Ganji.

Batch and year: ECE, 3rd year

College name: VNR vignana Jyothi institute of engineering and technology.

Project description: We made a Machine Learning model using the dataset downloaded from an open-source. We adjusted the pixel resolution and size of the images and turned it to 

grayscale. We used Machine Learning model called Recurrent Neural Network (RNN). We used python (Google Colab) for developing the code. When the target image is given to the model, it returned output as machine editable text along with probability.

Student Projects: VNRVJIET

Internet Controlled Robot | Team Data Pirates

Team Name: Data Pirates

Team Members: Tankasala Spurthi, Shashidhar Reddy Nandikonda, B. Chandrakiran, T. Saikrishna , Sukrutha Sai Durga

Batch and Year: 3rd year Mechanical

College Name: VNRVJIET

Project Description: We have developed an internet controlled robot using various softwares like Solid works and Ansys and for the controlled system we used python 3 and open CV. 

This project is used in fields in order to make the works easy and economical. We have learnt how to apply our core knowledge into a real time

Image Style Transfer | Team Edith

Team Name: EDITH

Team Members: Rohith, Ramya Sri, Shashi

Batch and Year: CSE 2018-22 batch,3rd year

College Name: VNR Vignana Jyothi Institution of Engineering and Technology

Project Description: To develop an AI application that changes the style of an image based on other image Our team developed a model which takes 2 images as input and we extracted features from the style image and applied those features to the first (content) image so that the style of our image changes according to our requirement. 

We have used VGG 19 architecture which is a Convolution Neural Network and is 19 layers deep. It can classify images into 1000 object categories. Hence it is widely used. The style of the image has been changed according to the style image which we provided.

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